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A pure gold foil collection which posses an outstanding product line and product quality, built on an intense passion for innovation & visionary thinking.

The Promoters Mr. & Mrs. Deepak Mittal and Mr. & Mrs. Vikas Mittal, hail from a family that has been into gold trading and manufacturing for not less than five generations!

Gold being the most precious and malleable metal used till date only for making jewelery, sculpture & coins, has got a new meaning to own gold. Right from the image of your sacred belief to the creation of a masterpiece, gold works wonders.

Mittal Jewellers gives an array of elite Gold Foil products. The variety that Mittals possesses is second to none.

About Our Products

Made From Pure Gold: The gold used in our products has a purity of 999.9 in a thousand. The products have been certified by the Assay offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, London and New York.

Silicon Strength: A pure 24KT gold bar is compressed into a thin foil. Then a special plastic silicon base is permanently fused to the delicate gold foil to give it strength & support. The product of this fusion is referred to as 24KT Gold foil and is used to create our unique collection. Our flower and jewelery collection has also been given a lacer coating for protection & durability.

Blend of Technology and Tradition: A complete Mittal Jewellers product is made of several individual pieces that are laser cut for precision and consistency. These are then fused by the dexterous hands of a traditional artisan.

Non Tarnishing: Our products are created to last. They do not tarnish.

At Mittal Jewellers we do customization also.

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